Sirilic - Wishlist - Background removal before stacking

It would be nice to have the option to do a background removal on all images as part of the stacking process.

It’s possible but you need to preprocess manualy instead of use Siril scripts. Look at: Siril - Manual preprocessing

This is doable by script too.

I know its possible to do it in other ways, but I felt it would be a useful one for folk who use Sirilic to do most of the processing :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that last sirilic version allows to do it.

Really? I couldnt spot it, hence my request :frowning:

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it is enough to put in the subsky field a degree greater than or equal to 1
the function is disabled with 0


Thank you. Perhaps the name subsky can be called differently like subsky (background removal) for novices like me :slight_smile:

I agree.

I’ve been using Sirilic for a while with good results, but have no idea what a fair amount of these new options actually do.

Some fresh documentation might go a long way. A great piece of software, nonetheless.

As its related to Siril, all thats needed is some mapping to the Main Siril interface or documentation. That way would make it easier to maintain the documentation.

All commands are explained here: Siril:Commands - FreeAstro

Its the mapping from Sirilic to Siril that I think MarkSage & I are talking about.

In fact, Sirilic and Siril are two independent software, not developed by the same team and not in the same language.

I understand that, hence this request is only for Sirilic to update its documentation :slight_smile:

In the sirilic documentation ( configuration-of-each-layer-of-the-project ), I already specify that the parameters correspond to the Siril commands. I opted not to copy the Siril doc but to put a link. It facilitates the maintenance of the Sirilic help.

In the documentation of the commands of Siril, I find for example the information of the command SUBSKY :


I can see that you have used the term subsky to show the actual command thats used :slight_smile:
To folks like me who dont use the command line this is not easy to figure out. Hence my suggestion to call it by what it does (i.e Remove background). Just makes it easier to understand for dummies like me :wink:

I will add a tooltip on the degree field in the next version. it will be more clear.


While you are here, is it possible to choose the stacking algorithm in Sirilic? I could not see that option in the properties page.

Thank you.

yes, you can choose : mean , median , max , min , sum …


and with the last version 1.13.11 (requires siril 0.99.10), you can also choose the rejection type