Slice and scramble an image


Are there any filters capable of scrambling an image into slices?

Thanks, merci, gracias.

There are no predefined filters for this, but this simple script does something similar:

  N=9 # Number of splits
  foreach {
    euclidean2polar 50%,50%,1,1
    s y,$N sort_list +,u a y
    polar2euclidean 50%,50%,1,1

So basically, you can copy/paste this script into the Code parameter of the filter Various / Custom Code, and it works:

EDIT: You may want to replace sort_list +,u by rv to get something deterministic.

Thank you,

This is going to be a great time server. I hope this is included one day as a filter to gmic, I use for my graphic needs. (Demain, c’est la pre-rentrée. Je suis professeur d’espagnol et je ne sais pas coder. Je compte fabriquer et imprimer des puzzles que les élèves découperont et colleront dans leur cahier. Merci encore une fois)


I added some lines and text to my image and this is the result. :grinning:


Awesome, if G’MIC can help in doing such things, I’m more than happy.
Thanks for sharing !