Sliders behaviour (feature request)

Would anyone like the behavior of the sliders to be like this:

  1. Moving the sliders to a non-zero position sets the slider switch on top of them.
  2. Double clicking on the slider resets it to zero.
  3. Double clicking on the numeric input resets it to zero.


Hello, 1. sorry, don’t understand, 2 and 3 use the arrow on the right of any slider to reset to 0.

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Making an adjustment would automatically enable the module… Not sure if that it’s contrary to the disabled nature of the widgets, though.

Explicitly setting zero works but a double click is quicker and more convenient. It’s common in some other programs.

FWIW this would be a welcome things to me as well.

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How can a doublc click be quicker than a single click?

For example, if the slider is set to 10 I have to click to select the field then type 0 and hit Enter. That’s three operations vs. one (double-click on the slider “thumb”).

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Just single click on the Reset to default button.


You’re right … Too early, too little coffee! LOL

I think its likely requested just because lots of software works that way…you double click the slider to reset it or double click in a data box but they don’t have the arrow reset so its a design choice…

Some software double clicking the name of the parameter will zero it… that’s very “non-standard” but I have seen it…

Well, I guess one has to move the cursor there first?!
That is where the time difference from “double click on slider which the mouse currently hovers over” vs “single click on box right of the slider” comes from.

I think this is an understandable request. I’d see that as a welcome thing as well.

The discussion about point 1 has been raised a long time ago for RawTherapee, I think, before ART even existed.
We were a number to vote against it.
When modules have several sliders, sometimes you want to move several sliders before you need to see the effect otherwise if the module is turned ON, every slider move retriggers new calculations which can become cumbersome for CPU hungry processes.

Often you only need to move one slider and see the difference. Now it requires moving the mouse with a click.

Not the same thing, but for many of the common sliders you have global keyboard shortcuts (just press F1 to see the complete list): maybe you could consider them as an alternative?


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this is now implemented FYI


Strange, that works with the mouse but not with a Wacom tablet.
No need to figure out why, I continue to use the old method.


It’s very annoying that the + and - buttons also trigger the “double click-reset”. When i try to raise e.g. Exposure Compensation a few levels i often click a few times on + instead of moving the slider.

With the new behaviour i have to click very slowly, otherwise it will get reset to 0. @agriggio can you please reconsider this change?

I can confirm this happens on Windows 11. Maybe the double-click behavior can be limited to the slider / “thumb” only?

I should have fixed it now: only double-clicks on the text area will trigger the reset behaviour