Slides for the State of Libre Graphics 2018


Sorry, I forgot to reintegrate the explanation. If you want it to make it short, it could be:

New design for G’MIC Online

G’MIC Online is a web service that allows you to apply G’MIC filters within a browser. It has been redesigned to be responsive to mobile devices.

As for the flickr image, I don’t particularly like it. Just a thought: maybe a screenshot of the actual G’MIC code would be a little more poetic :stuck_out_tongue:; e.g., do a crop of this to fit your slide (source:


(a.l.e) #22

for the code: i don’t really like it either… but i don’t have the feeling that a snippet of the code is better enough to justify a change of the picture…

i will be on and offline the all day, so i prefer to leave it as is!

thank you for your effort and collaboration!


(G'MIC staff) #23

I don’t know how you managed to do that friends, but I’ve seen this today, on the Youtube channel of LGM :

You are great ! Thanks :beers:


Glad we could help :clinking_glasses:.