Slow preview windows 10

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The buffering of preview video is very slow. In a similar compositing software after affects is not fps problem. I really want to use this program. What is the problem? Windows 10, dell 7567, latest nvidia drivers are instaled, core i7 2.80GHz, video: 1050ti, ram: 16gb. Thank you in advance! Video:

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In Preferences/GPU Rendering, check that the OpenGL Renderer is your card, and not the Mesa Software Renderer.

Also, please try with the latest snapshot.

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Yes, OpenGL Version 4.6.0 NVIDIA
In nvidia control panel, i set 1050ti by default video card.

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Now the problem is not solved on Windows 10? ;( I have not tested in Linux yet, opengl is supplies by default, maybe compatibility is much better.

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It is not a GPU problem. This is normal.
Natron does all the processing in floating-point. This takes time and memory. And random-access into an H264 file is not that easy, which is why if you plan to do serious compositing you should use a proper video codec for your inputs (or even individual frames).
One HD frame takes 4*4*1920*1080=33Megs in floating-point format.