Smokey sunrise set Kamloops BC

Olympus Em1 Mk1 8-18mm/14-140mm DT HDR merges. Feel free to ask anything about the sessions/editing/etc…

Well this wasn’t planned but it turned out good. Woke up at 2am as was going to drive to Westwold and Okeefe Ranch to do some night shots of the buildings. Well magically I got up at 2, closed my eyes and it was now 4am LOL Sooo had to come up with a different plan. By the time I got sorted it was too late to drive to Coyote Rock/Kamloops Lake Lookout so headed for Sage Trail.
Those jumping cacti hurt, don’t let them convince you other wise, they lieeee… Don’t trust a cactus


We’ve been getting used to the sky colour in image 8 here in Toronto, and no wildfire has been closer to us than 400 km away.

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