Smooth[Diffusion] Preview Broken

This has been broken for a while now but am just getting around to reporting it. I wish I could tell you what update broke it, but now the preview just shows the transparency checkerboard pattern now.

If you zoom with the buttons or mouse wheel, (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel) the preview will show temporarily and then return to the checkerboard pattern.

This is one of my favorite filters and hope it’s a easy fix.


The filter is working here for me, with latest version 2.9.1 of G’MIC.

Could you tell us which version of G’MIC you use ? On which OS ?

Thanks for the quick response.

O/S: Arch Linux 5.7.2-arch1-1
Gimp: 2.10.20-1
G’MIC: 2.9.1-2

I can’t tell if this error is related or not, but was in my terminal when I looked. I can’t seem to make the error occur again yet. I included the line before and after the error.

[gmic_gimp_qt]./preview/ simplelocalcontrast_p 25,5,50,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0

[gmic_gimp_qt]./error/ When running command 'simplelocalcontrast_p 25,5,50,0,0.5,1.5,1,1,1,1,1,0', this error occurred:
[gmic_gimp_qt]./error/ *** Error in ./simplelocalcontrast_p/apply_parallel_overlap/_apply_parallel_overlap/*repeat/*local/_apply_parallel_overlap8/_apply_parallel_overlap2/*if/ *** *** Error in ./simplelocalcontrast_p/apply_parallel_overlap/_apply_parallel_overlap/(...)/*thread0/*local/_apply_parallel_overlap4/*if/ *** *** Error in ./simplelocalcontrast_p/apply_parallel_overlap/_apply_parallel_overlap/(...)/*local/_apply_parallel_overlap4/*if/*thread0/ *** Internal error: Images (7) and images names (8) have different size, at return point.

[gmic_gimp_qt]./preview/ fx_smooth_diffusion_preview 0.7,0.3,0.6,1.1,15,8,0,0,24,0,50,50

Here is a 20 second video of it in action.
gmic_smooth[diffusion].mkv (2.8 MB)

Well I think I figured it out. Once again the favorites are corrupted somehow. If I use the filter from the menu I have no problems at all.

It seems that after any update, some favorites no longer work properly. I really should know to check that before posting, but I use the same filters over and over and don’t think to access them from the full menu when they are right there at the top.

That shouldn’t happen, unless you updated from a very old version. What version did you use before 2.9.1, just out of curiosity ?

I would assume it was the very last version. It updates when I update arch which is a couple times a week usually. The only time I ever manually update is if something was broken and I read it was fixed before arch had built a new package which is rare.

I had just created new favorites in April for both smooth[Diffusion], and sharpen[Inverse Diffusion] because they stopped working properly.

I did notice this time that the name changed from Sharpen[inverse diffusion] to Sharpen[Inverse Diffusion] . (or something like that) I had created the new favorite before deleting the existing one and noticed the Title Case was different.

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