Smug look on his face

This evening I finally convinced myself to concentrate on understanding how to use RPD approximately in the way the developer intended it to be used - I actually studied the manual in detail.

Now, I’m sitting here after a few hours work with a very smug and satisfied look on my face (were there anyone here to see it), having successfully imported about 50 test images from the last 5 days, into a properly architected folder structure, with a non-trivial folder-renaming pattern that integrates all the experience gained over the years that I used Lightroom.

I have achieved here this evening what has taken me almost a week of trying, using PhotoMechanic 5, including a confirmation from a senior software engineer at Camera Bits that I cannot do what I was trying to do in PM 5.

That’s enough to convince me that I can ingest under Linux and transfer folders/files to Win 10 when necessary to do the heaviest raw processing there (because I have a faster processor and more RAM there).

By heck, this RPD thingy’s good, isn’t it?


Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes I wonder if it would be worth producing a version that runs under Windows. There are pluses and minuses to it, of course. I just don’t know if I have the time, for one.

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RPD is fantastic, I think a Win 10 version would make a lot of people very happy. Think of all time it could save us Windows users :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I totally agree. It’s a good thing to have on Linux, one of the many tools that have convinced me to move away from Mac OS a few years back.

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