So, are Apple ProRAW DNGs finally supported?

Hi! I’ve seen the discussion around the Apple format develop, but still no word about official support.
ProRAW images are demosaiced DNG compliant with DNG 1.6 standard, fully open source.
What’s the support status in RawTherapee?
Thank you.

Nobody on this topic?

I didn’t see this, but I’m unaware of any known issues with demosaiced DNGs (aka “Linear DNG”) in RT.

Perhaps the same issue as w/ rawspeed/darktable? Apple uses LJpeg predictor 7 in ProRAWs instead of predictor 1 as more widely used by Adobe…

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Might be. As I said, need more info here since this is the first time I’ve seen someone mention an issue.

I do recall seeing some predictor pull requests a while ago, can’t remember if that’s post-5.9 or pre-5.9 - @dm30 are you running 5.9 or a recent dev build?

Yep, it looks like this was already solved in RT, but don’t know how/when/if it was released: Fix predictor modes 2-7 for lossless JPEG by SimonSegerblomRex · Pull Request #6214 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Merged over two years ago so should be in 5.9…

@dm30 by any chance are you running 5.8??? you really need to update if that’s the case