So long, David; you will be missed.


Just found out that David Crosby passed away earlier today. Though not the usual genre of music I listen too, some of his (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) music is among my favorites for sure. So long, David; you will be missed.




Good source image for creativity. :fire:
Stage lights lots of fun for our postprocessing crowd. :rofl:

Thought the color would give the right 60s/70s vibe to the result as well, afre (so I grabbed the image to process it; lol). :slight_smile:

I mentioned it only because I noticed some newspaper articles using images that are colour corrected. Good on them for making the effort.

neat effect… but he kinda looks like the crypt master from tales of the crypt.

Suppose I could have cloned out the darker features on the checks. :slight_smile: