Sodium vapour lamp

I like the atmosphere of this image. Looks like a high pressure sodium lamp (?)

Processed with experimantal raw program:

5D3_0622.CR2 (23.7 MB)

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Good image to test RawTherapee’s, still experimental, new LA tool (CAM16/JzCzHz related) that is being developed at the moment.

Hello, processed in Art.

5D3_0622-1.jpg.out.arp (11.2 KB)

5D3_0622.CR2.xmp (7.5 KB)

darktable 3.6.1 with lowlight vision enabled for a little more natural colour (though perhaps it’s just the opposite of what you were looking for)


5D3_0622.CR2.xmp (14.3 KB)

I saw that branch…what are the main features of that tool as it stands now…

These are some noteworthy points:

  • It is an additional tool for the Local Adjustments module,
  • It’s called Color appearance,
  • It has 2 parts: Cam 16 and JzCzHz (which can be combined or used individually),
  • It can be integrated into some of the other LA tools instead of using it on its own,
  • JzCzHz (JzAzBz) is a replacement for Lab (sort of). It is better suited to handle higher dynamic range images and wide gamut,
  • It uses Ciecam 16 (No ciecam2) and is put later in the pipeline, which should make it less artefact prone then the current Ciecam 2002 module.

There’s already some documentation with more technical details. In French only atm, Wayne is working on an English translation: RawPedia - Color Appearance [fr]

Just to reiterate: All this is still experimental/in development and not integrated into the development branch. I’ve been doing some testing and bug-hunting for Jacques and issues do show up and parts are still being changed/tuned at the moment. So, do not integrate this as of yet for serious editing.

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Thanks for the reference…at first glance the auto Google translate when I opened it was perfect…

Sounds like a really cool feature set…esp the last one…

" A new tool is available (September 2021) for Local Adjustments. This tool includes:

  • the majority of the algorithms of the main Ciecam module.
  • a “Sigmoid J & Q” function which allows in a single algorithm to process luminance (lightness or brightness) and contrast.
  • the “symmetric” mode is not automatic and the chromatic adaptation processes are simplified.
  • an experimental module “JzCzHz”
  • it is located upstream of the process compared to the main Ciecam module, which should reduce artifacts.
  • a “CAM Model” combobox allows you to select either “CAM16 only”, or “CAM16 + JzCzHz”, or “JzCzHz only”
  • a “Change tool position” combobox allows you to choose either:
    • the operation of the “stand-alone” module (default)
    • the incorporation of algorithms in 4 other tools of your choice: Tone-mapping, Wavelet, Dynamic Range, Log encoding"