Software for profiling and correcting lens abberation

Is there software available (FOSS or commercial) that can profile the optical abberation of a camera/lens combination on a test shot to give a set of point spread functions (PSFs) and correct the abberation for another shot taken at similar focal length and aperture using the set of PSFs for a deconvolution (such as a dampened RL deconvolution)?

An algorithm that could be used for such profiling and deconvolution has been published in 2012 in

but its use for lens abberation correction seems to be patented by patents EP 2,574,216 B1 and US 10,032,254 which are still in force for DE, GB, FR and US.

Deconvolution with profiled PSFs should provide better sharpening than RL deconvolution with a single Gaussian PSF towards the edges of a frame. I would love to see this implemented in RawTherapee similar to flat field correction (but lack the skills in math and programming to do it).