SOLD! Fuji X-T2 + Fujinon XF 50mm f2 in MINT, IMPECABLE condition.

[no longer available] With the permission of the admin I am posting this here, in the hope of a sale so I can upgrade to the X-T3

Selling as a kit or individually.

Fuji X-T2 body, black, in beautiful, impecable condition. Practically mint/like new. Absolutely no marks whatsoever. Comes with a third party Duracell battery. Comes without a neckstrap, without the metal rings used to attach a neckstrap and whithout the pictured Peak Design anchor links.

Fujinon XF 50mm f2, silver, in beautiful, impecable condition. Practically mint/like new. Comes in box, with the hood and both front and rear caps.

Prices are as follows, and don’t include shipping costs:

X-T2 body only: €510
XF 50mm f2 only: €320
Body and lens kit: €765

Will ship internationally, in a well packed and tracked package, with some exceptions (like war-torn countries and countries under sanctions).

Will require payment in full and in advance before shipping. I will take Paypal (gift or friends&family only), Revolut or direct bank transfer via IBAN. [/no longer available]

4 Likes and the admins take no responsibility nor offer any sort of protection, guarantee, warrant or anything else. caveat emptor!

If you don’t find a buyer here, you might check out /r/photomarket on reddit.


Not in the market, but would you mind sharing the shutter count and the country for which it was sold? The latter sometimes matters when it comes to firmware or interface.

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I didn’t share the shutter count as it’s a bit of a point on contention in the Fuji community, some say there is no way to even tell, and sure enough, I’ve personally seen a case with a file from an X-T3 which gave different readings every time you checked. Sometimes it would give you a shutter count of 50, sometimes 300, sometimes in the thousands… and this was in the same session, on consecutive attempts.

For what it’s worth, both my wife’s and my X-T2 don’t seem to be doing this and I tried multiple times. Shutter count on this unit is 12k something and I don’t know the country it was made for, but I suspect Europe.

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My intention was not to be nitpicky, just curious because the number matters to some people. Interesting that the X-T3 cannot report reliably. I wonder why that is. Seems like a simple metric to record… I guess it will be in your future what you do not like about the X-T3 video. :slight_smile:

It is mostly reliable until you leave the camera too long without a battery, had my X-T3 discharge like that in about two weeks or so, the CMOS battery must’ve completely died and I lost all the settings + shutter count. Never had the issue of it resetting each picture, that’s rather strange.

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I have an automated reminder to check and charge all my batteries on a regular schedule.

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In this case I left the camera with no battery inside :smiley:

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