[solved] ART crashes quite often

ART is extremely easy to use, everything is very intuitive and I easily get very good results.
But ART (1.16.3) crashes quite often on Manjaro Linux, especially when changing the white balance frequently.
Here is the error message from the terminal:
Error: Failed to read Panasonic IFD Makernote header.
Error: Failed to read Panasonic IFD Makernote header.
Error: Fehler des XMP-Werkzeugsatzes 102: Composite nodes can’t have values
Error: Failed to encode XMP metadata.
Getötet (=killed).
What can I do?

Just guessing, the error message looks like it might be running out of memory. Linux will allow an app to allocate more memory than is physically available in the system (an ‘overcommit’). If the app never actually uses all of the memory it asked for, then there is no problem. But if it does try to use that memory which isn’t available, the Linux kernel has to kill the app resulting in the ‘Killed’ message.

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two options that I see:

  1. stop using ART
  2. submit a bug report with enough information and data to reproduce the problem (e.g. a raw file and arp sidecar that causes the issue), and hope it gets fixed :slight_smile:


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Hello @paolod,
do you have an idea what I could adjust or change where, for my sake on a trial basis?

  1. are you seriously suggesting that I stop using ART?

  2. creating a bug report would be too much for me. But I can try.
    But the crashes always occur when I switch the setting back and forth frequently in white balance. And it is independent of the RAW file.

Why? There are instructions.

Hello @paperdigits
I just notice that ART crashes when white balancing especially with Panasonic rw2 or Panasonic’s dng made with dngconverter. With an ARW from Sony I have not had any crashes yet.
Can you please show me the link to the bug report and maybe also the link for the manual for it. I want to do it.

If it keeps crashing, I suppose it becomes quite frustrating… so yes, if you can’t find a way to solve the problem, why would you want to keep using it?

I just notice that ART crashes when white balancing especially with Panasonic rw2 or Panasonic’s dng made with dngconverter.

if you can provide a raw file (and arp sidecar if relevant) that causes the crash, I can try looking into it.


I like ART very much and would not like to do without it.

Here are the files, I’m curious what you get out.
Fürth.dng (18.7 MB)
Fürth-2.dng.arp (11.1 KB)
When I change very much in WB, it crashes every time for sure.

I’m not able to reproduce it here, sorry. Do you build ART yourself? If so, can you try producing a backtrace with a debug build? There are instructions on rawpedia.

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Thank you for your efforts.
Your suggestion totally overwhelms me. Unfortunately, I understand almost nothing about it. I use Manjaro Linux and ART I have from AUR.
I have a friend who also has a self-assembled (or whatever it’s called) ART, he wanted to send it to me. He says, with him ART is completely stable. Interestingly, ART used to be extremely unstable for me. Already at the start it crashed. It has never been as good as it has been for a few weeks.
We will see and if I get something new out, I will report it.

I am at least reassured that there is nothing weird with my rw2, or their DNG.

Where are your files stored. I had mine syncing a local folder with one drive. If I made rapid changes in DT this could trigger crashes. I would have to pause syncing…just throwing that out there

Thanks for the tip. My data is on an internal data storage. I never synchronize automatically, but only on command. That’s not the problem, especially because RT and dt almost never crash on me.

Have you tried the official build?


Just unpack and run. No problem for me on Tumbleweed.

Hast du mal den offiziellen Build versucht? Einfach nur entpacken, dann kannst du den direkt starten.


War gerade zufällig in Tumbleweed unterwegs und habe keine Probleme mit deinem DNG.

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Ya it was just a though triggered by when you said you went back and forth rapidly…

I also use Manjaro (KDE) and installed ART from the AUR. I use the art-rawconverter-bin package, it just downloads the official build, unzip and installs it. There is also an art-rawconverter package that builds everything from source. I suggest to use the art-raw-converter-bin package.

I tried your image and sidecar file on my system and did not experience any problems/crashes. Note that I have it running in a virtual machine with limited resources.

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I had installed “art-rawconverter” so far.
Now I installed -bin and ART no longer crashes. Even if I wildly change the settings in White Balance with the " color picker" not, only the program always takes a while, you can see that by the display “Processing image” - then it looks like ART is frozen, but after 2 to 6 seconds it is active again.
It looks like the problem is solved for now.

@IJskegel can you explain me what the differences are from this three:
art-rawconverter vs art-rawconverter-bin
(art-rawconverter-git = I understand this -git to be the very latest, perhaps not quite so stable).

art-rawconverter-bin installs the necessary dependencies, downloads the official build from agriggio / ART / Downloads — Bitbucket and installs that on your system.
art-rawconverter installs the necessary dependencies, downloads the sources of the shown version, builds everything and installs it on your system
art-rawconverter-git does the same as art-rawconverter, except instead of using a tagged (released) version it uses the latest development version. Usefull if you want to test the latest-greatest, but it may be unstable.

So, in short, the -bin version installs a version that is build by the developer of ART while the others download the sources and build that locally. Hope this helps.

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Glad that you are not seeing the crash anymore, but this still sounds strange… Would you be able to record a video of what you are doing to make this happen? I’d like to understand what is going on…

yes, of course I do. Here is the video: I use the picker and quickly change the location in the image, this makes ART almost like frozen. But, ART no longer crashes, which makes me very happy.
This mov is much sharper than the mp4 I had previously uploaded. But you have to download it, then you can play and watch it without problems.

I’m curious to see what you get out of it.