[solved]Automated batch conversion with same parameters




I have several RAW pictures I would like to convert to JPGs (and then stitch them to a panorama picture).
The pictures are taken in manual mode, so they have the same exposure settings except the white balance, which is still in auto mode.
I want to convert them to JPGs with the same settings, most likely determined by an auto mode. If I set the mark at “auto detect” in the exposure settings dialogue, the automation is done for every single picture instead of a middle of all pictures. Is that possible?
If not, how do I save the settings for one special picture in a profile and set this profile for all other pictures?
Setting the same white balance for all pictures worked.
Thanks for help

(Mica) #2

Adjust one image until it is as you’d like it, then go back to the file browsing window, right click on the image, and select Processing Profiles > Copy. Then select the rest of the images, right click and select Processing Profiles > Paste.


Perfect! Worked well…
Thank you!