[SOLVED] Complete libre photogrammetry solution for Linux?


I know this forum isn’t really about 3D, but photogrammetry is this strange overlap between photography and 3D graphics.

I’m searching for some complete photogrammetry packages for (preferably) Arch Linux (I run Manjaro).

Is there anything you know of I should try out?

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Disclaimer: I haven’t played around with photogrammetry for years!

If you have a NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support you can try Meshroom:

And here is a List of alternative programs:


Yup, looks like Meshroom is the way to go. Thanks!

I haven’t tried yet, but I’ve seen Visual-sfm + Meshlab + Blender mentioned several times.

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Meshroom is pretty amazing.
Here is a good free tutorial for it.

But Blender has a lot to offer in that category too.

And here is an add-on you can use with the standart Blender.

There’s also MVE and COLMAP.

Here is a great idea if in need of cities or streets and you dont have a drone, or its too far away.