Solved: Epson RD1X raw file

I’m posting this for a friend. I got him into darktable and we tested some sample files from Epson’s RD1S so we thought he was good to go. He wound up purchasing an RD1X and the file is different. darktable fails with the “cannot read white balance” error message.

Can someone help direct us on how to get raw file support for this camera.

I tried to attached a sample raw to this message but the file uploader will not permit the ERF extension. Hopefully this link will work:



You should submit a complete sample to

Instructions for what is a “complete set” is on the site.

Thanks! I dropped in a raw file and submitted a bug report. I hope I did the process right.

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There is a high likelihood you’ll need more than one raw file.

This is what I don’t get. I’ve looked at submitting raws before. They say they don’t want a bunch of photos of various ISO’s etc. but they don’t say how many files I should send or how they should be created to be helpful so I don’t know what to contribute.

All crop ratios, all bit depths (12, 14 etc), compressed/uncompressed shots. I have no idea what that is for an Epson camera.

It is an older camera. I doubt that there are multiple raw formats. What does the manual say (if there is one; maybe online)?


I’ll have him bring the camera in so I can have a look but I I think afre, you are correct. I think there is only one raw. I don’t think any of the settings affect the raw.

I don’t know how to get back to the bug report that went with raw file to check on status. Can anyone tell me where to find the bug report? Thanks! Kev

Its either on dt’s github or the redmine bug tracker.

Thank you! I see it on github

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Pulled from git yesterday and recompiled. RD1x is now working!

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