[Solved] gimp-2.9.9 AppImage Desktop Launcher installation FAIL

After double clicking the the AppImage file downloaded from this website and answering yes to installation of desktop launchers, I was asked whether it was ok to install some additional software named PyPar2. I answered yes and provided sudo authentication at which point a terminal opened which eventually displayed Done. I Quit the PyPar2 installation dialog and observed that several PyPar2 files had been left and no launchers were created. Double clicking the .AppImage flle again prompts for PyPar2 installation. Deleting the .AppImage file and the remaining .par2 files and starting with a fresh .The appimage file had no effect. Please, how do I clean up this mess and start anew. If I must, I will not install the desktop launcher, but I would like to run GIMP 2.9.9 in the .AppImage sandbox.

Thanks for any Enlightenment,

The solution was to right click the gimp-2.9.9 … .AppImage file ==> Properties ==> Open With tab which shows pypar2 then click remove and close. Voila! The .AppImage runs, but without asking to install the desktop launcher. Weird. Anyway, hope this helps someone else. Thanks for your attention to this maddening hiccup. Guess I’ll just create my own desktop files and right click menu for the gimp-2.9.9 … .AppImage file.


Can you provide the link you used to download this file?

It is the one here at the community-built software link. Community-built software


I have successfully used that .AppImage on two other computers without having created the desktop launchers. BTW, I am using Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia MATE 64-bit on the failing computer, and 18.1 and 17.3 on the others. Thanks for your input in this matter.


Did you chmod a+x gimp.appimage?

This is the first I’ve heard of this pypar2, which sounds like malware to me. The AppImage i completely self contained, when you add the desktop shortcut, it places a file in your user directory. You do not and should not ever need root to run an AppImage. AppImages are self contained, they should never install anything.

I’ve downloaded the verison you linked to, and it opened fine for me without prompting me to install anything at all.

Yes, executed chmod on the file. Will try again with freshly downloaded file.

You may want to run clamscan on your system and take a look at htop for any weird processes running. The pypar2 thing just sounds wrong.

I thought so also at the time … I may not be able to return to this thread until tomorrow. BTW, running the other systems without having installed the desktop launchers, is there any way to get the AppImage file to revert to asking if you with to install desktop launcher?

@Carmelo_DrRaw will be able to answer this.

Googling “what is pypar2”, returns among others:


A par2 frontend.

PyPar2 is a GTK+ based frontend for par2. par2 is used to create redundant data that can be used later in case parts of the original data are lost or corrupted.

and wikipedia

Parchive (a portmanteau of parity archive …

and after reading the preceeding, I figured it safe to visit the creators’ website

PyPar2 is a graphical frontend for the Linux par2 utility. It is written in Python and uses GTK through the PyGTK library. Of course, it is open source (GPL).

Yes, but I’m not sure what par files have to do with gimp and they don’t have anything to do iwth the AppImage.

You can try and remove one of these files to get the appimage to ask for a desktop shortcut again:


If you want to sandbox your AppImage, I suggest firejail