[solved] How to disable base curve and enable AMaZE as default?

(Boris Hajdukovic) #1

Over time I’ve found that for my purposes the auto-enabled base curve isn’t very much of use.
Is there a way to deactivate it?

I have a powerful computer and would like to set AMaZE demosaicing method as my default method. Can (or how) I do that?


(paka) #2

perhaps create a style with base curve disabled and demosaicing set to AMaZe and auto apply that style on import

(Christian Kanzian) #3

For the basecurve @Pascal_Obry added a new setting in the preferences dialog (development version).

(darix) #4

oh good thing we have packages to test that :smiley:

(Pascal Obry) #5

Also with a nice revamp of the pref window as seen on the screenshot. We are trying hard to make dt look cleaner and say more professional. That’s no fun, but well I feel this to be necessary.

(darix) #6

@hanatos wanted me to point out that presets can do this. you can also turn off modules in presets.

(MartinSt) #7

Just compile it yourself, the build process descriptions are reliable (even for mac and windows) - just follow them step by step :wink:

(Mica) #8

@MStraeten if your reply was directed towards @darix, then he is the one responsible for the OBS repo that builds from source for a bunch of different distros :wink:

(Boris Hajdukovic) #9

That worked for both of my questions. Thanks a lot!