[solved] how to export copyright info as IPTC tag in darktable

My client requires that in the photos the copyright info is saved as IPTC tag.

I have read the documentation about export function:
and still I didn’t understand how to insert the copyright information as IPTC tag.

The question is, where do I put my name as IPTC tag and how can I do that for all photos without having to edit each one during export?

And how do I check that the entry has been applied?

I tried to do it the following way according to the documentation:


I do not know if this is correct and especially where do I enter my name?

When I export the photo and look in GIMP the IPTC entries, the field is empty:


I appreciate clear explanation. I’m just too dumb for this kind of thing.

The last screenshot here is what I add Bädda in bildrättigheter i bildens metadata – Kameratrollet

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Just gave this a try and it does seem to work, both stable 4.0 and the latest (4.1.0+300).

I did notice a few things, though:

  • Is the info (year+creator) you added actually saved? Had some problems before I figured out that it will not save the year/creator tag when still in that formula field (“edit mode” if you like). You need to be outside of it (tab will do).
  • I do not have the $(CATEGORY 0(creator)) tag. I used the $(CREATOR) tag to test.
  • If the data cannot be found there’s not message and the (empty) IPTC field is not created

I checked in both GIMP and XnView to see if the IPTC data was added (both showed the same, correct info).

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Thank you very much for the clear and understandable demonstration @Jade_NL !

Yes, I have noticed the same thing. Maybe I will write a bug report for this problem.

Another question is if there is a possibility to insert this entry automatically when importing images, so that I don’t have to write it every time?

Not that I know of, but you can make it part of an export preset as a workaround.

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Do you mean adding metadata like creator during import of images?
You can add different metadata to images in the import module.


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