[SOLVED] How to render out all Write nodes from a Natron project at once?

I have a project were I grade multiple shots.
I read EXR sequences and render out PNG sequences to be assembled in Olive.

I am iterating on the processing a lot, and I need an easy way to render all of my write nodes at once.

Right now I need to cycle through all of my Write nodes and do this:

  1. Click “Render”;
    2.Switch to the next Write node;
  2. Wait for the current rendering process to finish, because all the controls are locked out when the rendering is going;
  3. Repeat from step 1.

Here’s my setup:

In the past I was able to queue the Render processes at once and then just wait for completion.
After I’ve been messing around in the preferences that became impossible and all controls are now becoming locked until current rendering is finished.

I’ve tried to find the setting responsible but was unable to make sense of the situation.

Please, help!


I’ve tried NatronRenderer but this is the result so far:

$ /opt/Natron/NatronRenderer PostB_004.ntp
Restoring the image cache...
Loading plugin cache...
Info: init.py script not loaded (this is not an error)
Loading PyPlugs...
Loading project: /[redacted]/Postproducion/PostB_004.ntp
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

“F5” should render all writes(?)

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Oh my goodness. It’s all in the main menu. I’m blind. Thank you!