[solved] Import MacOS Pictures (retaining folder structure and images in each)

Hello again.

I can’t find how to point Darktable to my existing MacOS Pictures folder structure.

I’m probably missing something - to me the Import UX isn’t clear and there are no helpful hover-over menus. I’ve also looked in the docs, but this is not explained as far as I can see, nor is there a helpful video, not even on YouTube (that’s up to date).

My Pictures folder structure was established while I was (am) a LrC user, but I can’t see a way to easily copy the folders and images contained in each. I don’t want to import images individually, I want to import the whole structure in a few clicks.

Any help (instructions) would be much appreciated, thanks!


For context, I have a health condition which causes cognitive impairment (which is what my photography project is about :slight_smile: ), so please forgive me for any failures re rtfm/FAQs - I have looked at the documentation, but it wasn’t clear to me.

Thanks again, in advance!

by default Pictures are stored in your users picture directory.
to import the whole directory structure you can follow the description in darktable 4.6 user manual - import

  1. select your Picture directory via selecting “home” in the top left “places” box and then “Pictures” in the lower left “folders” box.
  2. check “recursive directory”

then be patient while darktable reads all files in the whole directory structure.

the select all and import …

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Many thanks @MStraeten

Success!!! :slight_smile:

I can’t see how/where to close this ticket, but it is now complete :slight_smile:

This is not a formal bug tracker or ticketing system, just a forum. :slight_smile: Normally, we just edit the title to add [solved] or similar. As a new user, you may not have the right to do that just yet. Let me know if you are not allowed to do it, and I’ll do it for you.

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Thanks again Istvan. Makes sense.

Yes, I can no longer edit the post or its title (perhaps because a few days since I originally posted), so feel free to update/delete as you see fit :slight_smile:

Done, thanks for the update.