SOLVED (in 1.2.0 ver.) Applying Starnet++ on cometary image sequence

I pose this question, hoping it is not stupid.
Is it possible that integrated Starnet++ can be used to eliminate stars on an entire sequence of cometary images in a single step?
This would then allow the images of the comet alone to be registered and stacked without the artefacts (streaked stars) that - I saw - are not easily erased with normal Siril processing.

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Yes. This is detailed here: StarNet Star Removal — Siril 1.2.0 documentation

Wow! I know just now Siril new version are born.
Thank you!!!

But, before, you should transform files in ‘name.tif’ …
Is it possible to do that on the entire sequence too?


My bad. I should give the link to the stable version, not the dev one. I’ve changed the link

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Where do you read that? Siril works in FITS.

Starnet works in TIFF.

So, this could be a good task to implement in Siril future version, doing Starnet++ on cometary sequence complete and automated process.

You need to read all the sentence:

The new Starnet++ interface handles all the necessary image format conversion automatically.

Ok, I read now :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

I’ve been trying to register and stack the starless sequence with mixed results. How di you make out with this?

You register before starless.

Thanks, I think I have it now. Very faint tail so playing around with the stacking Methods and Sigma’s to see which one renders the best starting place. At heavy stretch there’s still star trails from Starnet but I know that’s the case on all the star removals regards of the type of image.