[Solved (itself)] No response on Wayland

I was trying out Wayland on Debian stable KDE, DT 4.6.1 from OBS.

It doesn’t respond to mouse input.

It’s weird because other users report problems with color management, which means they can actually work with it.

I can work on X for now, but, you know, at some point all Linux UI is moving to Wayland…

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Unfortunately wayland is not yet officially supported so you’ll have to ask for help somewhere else. The problem is probably related to xwayland or your graphics drivers and not with darktable itself.

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You can test out the mouse within xwayland using the (command line) tool xev.

If that works, try to start Darktable in debug mode (maybe -d control, see the manual) and look at the logs.

Is your mouse a standard USB HID one, or something fancy?

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Hmmm, I went back to Wayland and …now it works :person_shrugging: