[solved] MacOS : (Un)installing Digikam

Hi guys,

I just installed for the first time Digikam on my Mac. I see Digikam comes in pkg format instead of DMG. That means files are copied a bit all over the system (admin password is required).

I like to install Digikam local in my Applications home directory. How can I alter the package to achieve that.
Also, if I want to uninstall Digikam, what directories have to be deleted ? Is it only the digikam.app folder ? (I couldn’t find which directories in the doc and the faq).


I’m replying to myself :slight_smile: I hope this will help other users.

I unpacked the pkg file and had a look inside.


With version 7.5.0, Digikam.app folder contains all the necessary code, and is saved in /Applications/digiKam folder.

It seems the former /opt/digikam directory is no more used, and the installation script even removes it.

So digikam 7.5.0 is a nice built macos app ! Nice.


Just move digiKam folder or digiKam.app app to the bin

To delete also local files (settings, cache etc…)

~/Library/Application Support/digikam/
~/Library/Saved Application State/org.digiKam.savedState/


For clean MacOS app, I use AppCleaner by FreeMacSoft (free) to find all these files.

Do the same for showfoto.app