Solved: Some settings (e.g. noise reduction, graduated filter) show no effect

I am new to RawTherapee (although not to raw processing in general)
I’m currently making my way through RawPedia and just now I am trying to de-noise an ISO400 Panasonic (rw2) image. The issue is: Adjusting any slider in the “Noise reduction” or “Graduated filter” section seems not to have any effect, neither in preview nor in the exported file.

  1. I have Luminance and Luminance detail set to 0. Increasing Luminance slider to 100 … makes no difference.
  2. I changed Chrominance (Method “User defined”), again there’s no visible difference if the slider is at 0, 50 or 100 although the image shows fine color noise.
  3. In the exposure section there is also the possibility to apply a Graduated Filter to the image. I found its intensity to be pre-set to 0.6. I can change this slider high and low - again no visible change. (I would have expected that the upper/lower section of the image change bightness compared to each other.)

I exported both extreme versions (both NR sliders at 0, both NR sliders at 100), and the JPGs were identical. So it is not the preview, the settings simply have no effect for me.


  • Those tools showing no effect also don’t appear in the history list. It is as if the changes never happened. Those tools which do have an effect are listed (e.g. USM intensity, exposure, white balance).
  • Below the NR method selection there is a label "Noise Mean: ---- High: ---- (or similar). It does’t show values for me.
  • Changing (in NR section) from Lab to RGB or from “Normal” to “High” does not change anything.

I wonder if I missed something … but to me it looks like a major bug.
The version I’m using is RT5.0-r1-gtk3 on Win7 64 bit, German. Notebook is an Intel i5-2537M, 8GB.

OK, solved. This was a typical newbee issue.
I didn’t realize you had to “turn on” the concerned settings with the small “circle” icon on their heading line. (Yes, it is stated in the “Getting started” section, but obviously I had overlooked exactly this important piece of information.)


Self-solutions are always the best! :slight_smile: glad you found it.

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