SOLVED**** Thumbnails of Darktable exported pictures Green

Newby to Darktable help.

I export my photos take with Cannon camera in raw to Darktable 3.0.1 and then just Auto Crop and add a watermark and export to my Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon computer.

In the default file manager( Nemo), my thumbnails of the exported puictures are green.

If I open then picture then colour is fine, but then thumbnails are green.

About as green as I am with Darktable.

When i open then folder, for a brief second the colour is correct and then it changes to green.

Any ideas where I can start to fix this?

Sounds like a problem with nemos thumbnailer. Are you using sRGB?

I have no idea of the sRGB? whre would I look?

Export module > color profile

GREAT : The issue is solved.

Mine was set to BRG - in ignorance…LOL

I changed to sRGB and tested a new export an my thumbnails display like it should, no shrek look-alikes any more.

Thank you kindly!!

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