SOLVED - Unhandled Exception when Importing Folder recursivley


(Kevin E) #1

All, is the sequence of events leading up to this issue:

  1. renamed numerous folder in my photo archive
  2. removed numerous nested folders from darktable (because the folder names had changed)
  3. Began re-importing by folder recursively the updated folders
  4. Power outage
  5. Power restored
  6. Attempt to re-import folders, again
  7. repeatedly experience unhandled exception
  8. restarted computer
  9. Unhandled exception persists
  10. Installed 2.4.4 (from 2.4.1)
  11. Unhandled Exception persists
  12. Restart computer
  13. Unhandled Exception persists
  14. Came here for help

Below are all kinds of backtraces for your review, all from this evening.

darktable_bt_9XK9LZ.txt (7.7 KB)
darktable_bt_9L47LZ.txt (7.7 KB)
darktable_bt_PP7RLZ.txt (7.7 KB)
darktable_bt_7IQAMZ.txt (7.7 KB)
darktable_bt_H0Z4LZ.txt (7.8 KB)
darktable_bt_0LRZLZ.txt (7.7 KB)
darktable_bt_0HSCMZ.txt (7.7 KB)
darktable_bt_7GE1LZ.txt (7.8 KB)
darktable_bt_3IWCMZ.txt (7.7 KB)
darktable_bt_JXV4LZ.txt (7.7 KB)
darktable_bt_NA1TLZ.txt (7.8 KB)
darktable_bt_GUIDMZ.txt (7.8 KB)

(Kevin E) #2

All the bt’s seem to have the same exact complaint:
darktable.exe caused an Access Violation at location 0000000063609D54 in module libdarktable.dll Writing to location 000000000000041C.

(Mica) #3

Make sure library.db wasn’t corrupted by the power outrage.

You can specify a database using the command line switch.

(Kevin E) #4

So are you proposing I specify a new database or something?


  1. started dt via darktable.exe --library C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Local\darktable\library2.db
  2. Began importing folder that previously cause unhandled exception
  3. sit and wait (so far, so good)
  4. Success

the db must be corrupted. Thankfully I have sidecars for every file. Guess I just delete the old db and start importing things. Due to the folder name changes I needed to re-import about 80% of my photo collection anyway.

(Kevin E) #5

Thanks @paperdigits for the guidance!

(Mica) #6

My pleasure!