[Solved] Weird DNG distortion


I use dng files in my workflow (cr3 support, you are almost here!) and since yesterday I’m experiencing a weird distortion on the bottom and, sometimes, on top of the images.

Here are the files:

First edit (under Fedora 34).

Second edit (under Arcolinux). I didn’t change anything. I just opened the image and made a jpg.

IMG_1966.dng (28.6 MB)
IMG_1966.dng.xmp (12.4 KB)

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Thanks in advance.

Looks like a typical effect Lens Correction can cause if you don’t set scaling correct.

Click on the round arrow to set auto scaling. Also your lens correction states 10 mm while exif shows 12 mm.


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It worked! Thanks. :smiley:

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