Some feedback / problems of gmic-qt3.1.2

1.Several GMIC QT filters are invalid
I dragged the sliders and didn’t see any changes. Then I use “difference” blending mode to mix with the original image, and the result is black.

“colors to layers”“equalize shadow”“drop shadow 3d”

2.The preview result of “align layers” is inconsistent with the output
same as gimp verson

Have you compared with what you get in GIMP when applying those filters ?
So far, the “reference” implementation of G’MIC-Qt has been the plug-in for GIMP.
If the problem only occurs on Krita, then only Krita devs can do something about it.

For the first three, I have compared them with the independent QT version on windows. The results are consistent with those in krita.

For filters that require multiple layers, the standalone version cannot test them.

OK, so I’ve tested ‘Equalize Shadow’ here in GIMP, and I don’t see any problem.
But maybe, I’ve missed something ? Your animated .gif doesn’t really speak to me.
Could you detail what is your input, what is expected and what it does ?


I downloaded the version of gimp for testing and found that it is indeed normal. But other versions of the filter do not work

I have a new GIF. The GIMP version has obvious preview changes, but nothing happens in the windows standalone version

As for “colors to layers” and “drop shadow 3D”, their reactions in gimp are also unchanged.

Maybe I have a wrong understanding of their principles? But I really don’t know why the preview hasn’t changed…

Drop shadow3d is a filter that requires an input layer with some transparency.

With an input image that is entirely opaque, it does nothing indeed.

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3.Preview error of “stroke” in the latest version. It is normal in 3.0.2.

Filter Stroke works for me (on GIMP) :

To may, it seems that Krita does not handle correctly the layer information when passing the images to the preview.