Some minimalist 3d design/art

In part because I really can’t make anything more complex, in part because I really like minimalist art.

Modelled in Blender, processed in RawTherapee.


very pretty. reminds me of 2D global illumination:


Me this reminds more of Lucio Fontana.

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I had to google it, but now I can see why you would say that.

I’m having lots of fun making these, hope you enjoy.


Oh my…

I find Minimal Cuts no. 9, 10 and 11 stunningly beautiful.

Really like the minimalist approach and execution!

Less minimalist than before. Becoming more challenging.

Thank you for your kind words. Glad you like them. I think number 9 is my favourite so far, with 12 and 19 as close runner-ups.

@afre Yeah, well it’s really hard keeping things simple.

Wow, really beautiful!

Why did you use RT for processing? Can you get effects you cannot get with all the Blender shaders and renderers and what not?


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I use RT because I find it much easier and faster (performance-wise) to just add a bit of extra contrast/sharpening to the tiffs. Otherwise, I’d have to render the scene many times over and over again for very minute changes to overall exposure, or contrast.

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I must admit, it is so odd to use RT for this kind of task, but I love it.

Like them very much, a bit of a Robert Irwin vibe though within a rectangle rather than a space (VR time?)