Sometimes your vantage point matters

I will also recommend this video.

Especially the ending

It reminds you that you do not have to go to space to get to experience the overview effect. How stupid it is that we still have this “tribal thinking” so much engrained into us.


Very interesting. More details about the U2 as an aircraft would’ve been nice, but that’s explored elsewhere. Like, for instance, much of the flight regime occurs in the speed envelope between max and stall speeds, which at altitude is only a few knots (maybe 10, IIRC?). I imagine it makes for extremely attention-demaning ops.

I like the James May video better. It communicates the same thing but with a less over-produced and Hollywood-ish feel, IMO. What’s interesting to me is the contrast in the (apparent ?) emotional state of Bunting vs. May. For lack of a better term, Bunting seemed more fragile while May enjoyed himself, at least in the way it was communicated.


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Great video, the U2 is a fascinating plane and I never get tired watching videos or reading about it.

This reminded me of a photographer that has an even higher vantage point:

It’s cool to see more artistic photographs from a more skilled photographer at the ISS.