Sony a6400 files supported in Darktable?

Hi There! :smiley:

When I try to open raw files from my Sony a6400 in Darktable their previews appear to load correctly into the lighttable, but the second I click on them to edit the raw file in the darkroom module I get the below error message saying: “Failed to read camera white balance information from [filename]”


I’m using Darktable 2.6.2 on Windows 10.

Am I doing something wrong or is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Seems like we need a sample set of files for this camera over at

If you contribute them that would help get support

Thanks for your swift reply paperdigits! :smiley:

I will look into uploading the needed raw files.

Version 2.7 opens the a6400 arw files fine. You could try that.

It’s a bit unfortunate that dt doesn’t use dcraw to open unsupported raw files, like RT can. Let’s take Sony a6600 as an example: I can use ExifTool to find out the correct raw black / white levels, I can set the WB myself, I can set the input profile myself, but still dt doesn’t let me open the files from that camera, whereas RT doesn’t have a problem with them.