Sony is dropping DSLR cameras

Well, here we are. I suppose it was only a matter of time. How long before the others follow?

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Focus is a good thing. Their other lines have been languishing anyway.

Who was buying DSLRs from Sony anyway?

Well, alright then. I never had a Sony DSLR, either, but by all reports, they made very good ones.

The title of this thread sounds like an expensive accident…


I expect everyone else to follow in the next few years. My cynical side says there’s too much money in getting everyone to buy new everything all over again but no one can deny the younger crowd and folks just starting out seem to be going straight for mirror-less.

I still plan on getting a D850 on fire sale as the last hurrah of DSLRs as I’ve found I prefer an actual viewfinder to the electronic ones in my Fuji.

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That was one of the main things I was trying to say in the top post.

:=)) me the opposite. With electronic viewfinder wysiwyg is what you get, focus, depth of field and all.

I still keep track of histograms in my mirrorless but I can live without. With DSLR what you see is not what you get. Histograms are your only window to reality (I cannot see camera-back LCDs outside the studio).

There are lots of differences but I find wysiwyg the most important.

Started my DSLR world with an A100… moving up to an A65 when it was released seemed logical, and it served me a long time. Still works fine to be honest… got an A7m2 but since I had to use it with A-mount adapters (which are not fun) I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. Only since there are more affordable E-mount lenses on the market has my A65 usage dropped :slight_smile:.

I was honestly interested in an A99 / A77m2 / A99m2, but they were priced so much higher than more modern ‘competition’ that it didn’t make sense.

That being said, glad I’m into E-mount now, since the ecosystem has fired up the last few years…

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I’ve not used evf’s extensively but everytime i try I just no longer want to take photographs.

Resolution is not much of an issue but white balance and dynamic range is just depressing. So are previews of looks. They are fine when processed on a screen but when you have reality in front of you and the camera shows this funky tweaked low dynamic range world it’s not nice.

I use live view when on a tripod but always frame with the ovf and only do things like wait for the right moment via the lcd. I do shoot a Ricoh GR from the back screen but there I don’t mind it because it’s mainly for those loose and quick images, often at awkward angles and pretty much always single handed.

I fully understand that mirrorless can be much cheaper and that most manufacturers can make more profit with them so we’re likely to see them take over more or less completely.

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