Sorry, dumb question

I keep ending up in this mode. I can see button to open the left and right panel, but I cannot (amongst all the info), see the button for opening the file browser to allow me to select another image. Usually I quit the program and resstart everytime as I have never been able to find it. The keyboad shortcuts says ^Cntrl F2, but that does not work (guess I dont know what the carret means in any event.)
Cntril + F2 does not work Thanks, and sorry for the absymmal waste of bandwidth.

I don’t use the OS file browser.
I just open RT and it brings its own file browser.
Then I can edit an image and get back to RT file browser.

I assume you double click a raw in an OS file browser. In that case the standard behavior is to load RT without its own file browser. If you start RT manually, you should have the file browser enabled. This is also true for the settings button any some more.

See here how to setup your OS to activate RT in full mode if you want it to start directly from the OS file browser.

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Thanks for comments. Glad there was no button, I searched for ages and thought I was a total numpty.