Sort Images in light table view by DT Tags


I would like to have DarkTable sort by an arbitrary tag (in my case “Shot” which is the ShotList information for the picture) in the light table view…

I think that an easy way to implement it for everybody would be to support a custom sort string using the variables that DT already supports.

I would set it up just like the export string when you export a picture.

I don’t mind doing the implementation, I just want to know that its likely to be accepted and that it doesn’t already exist.


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But how does that let me sort the images inside the Light Table View?

For me, that lets me filter by the tags, but I want to change the order of the images based on the values in a tag.

I’m using this version: 4.5.0+1215~g09d4d3c69d

I misunderstood what you asked for. I still don’t understand what you are trying to archive.

Welcome to the forum. I too am confused what you are proposing here?

Something like this is what you are talking about … "shotlist" Auto-Generate an excel list with thumbnails!

Yeah, something along those lines.

There are already a number of ways to sort images, as described in the manual.

otoh, from your description, I get the impression you want to sort on a keyword tag. That’s not possible, as those don’t have values…

So I don’t understand what you want to achieve.