Spaniel, king of tree stumps!

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Lovely shot!

Filmulator, with a square crop:

  • Exposure Compensation +1-2/3
  • Film Area 2044 (slightly higher than normal)
  • Drama 75
  • White Clipping Point 0.422
  • Shadow Brightness 365
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Nice chap! Thanks for sharing!

Learning Art. I tried to mimic the scene-referred workflow I learned with darktable (I hope I did):
1 - Tweaked exposure until I got the dog (middle grey) the way I wanted
2 - Log Tone Mapping and tweaked it a bit
3 - Tone Equalizer
4 - Local Contrast
5 - Turned on Soft Light to give a boost to the image
6 - Slight dehazing
7 - New Tone Equalizer adjustment
8 - Sharpness, noise reduction
9 - Tone curves to give a slight boost
10 - WB (should have tweaked this at the begining I guess)
11 - Lens correction, resize and export

DSC08790.ARW.arp (43.2 KB)

Lovely shot! Much less of a technical challenge than some Play Raws which is a nice change :stuck_out_tongue:

DSC08790.ARW.xmp (30.4 KB)


DSC08790.ARW.xmp (13.6 KB) DSC08790_01.ARW.xmp (13.7 KB)

All I can say is I really had fun with this one!


I had a lot of trouble with the dog’s right eye. When everything else looked right, it just went to black. I finally just gave up.

dt 3.2.1

DSC08790.ARW.xmp (6.7 KB)

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@sls141 I like your edit!
It seems that this image was shot in a studio where the dog stands in front of a false, painted background.
Or that he is a movie star in a studio, ready to take action.
Nice and funny!


Yes! The B&W hits the spot. Thanks @sls141 for the take and @bug2k19 for sharing the king.

DSC08790.ARW.xmp (124.0 KB)


Minimalist take.


PhotoFlow: blend HL, RCD, lens corr
G’MIC: resize, afre_darksky x3, afre_brightness x7, afre_localcontrast x5 and afre_crop.

G’MIC Notes

1 Since I often repeat my commands, I may add this as a feature.
2 afre_brightness Using another method but it may be available soon.
3 afre_localcontrast Different again, using several scales. May add.
4 afre_crop I have multiple versions of this. None of them are available yet.


Great photo!

DSC08790_01.ARW.xmp (57,9 KB)


I guess dog kings can be dreamy too. :joy:

I love a good ultrawide shot!

DSC08790.ARW.pp3 (20.5 KB)


I am not usually into dog pictures, but this one is really nice!


  • Basics and dynamic range compression


  • Warming up the ground and adjusting contrast
  • Cooling down the sky and adjusting contrast
  • Lighting the face and especially the left eye

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Great. Thanks for posting!

DSC08790.ARW.xmp (14.7 KB)

DSC08790.jpg.out.pp3 (14.0 KB) RawTherapee 5.8

That was a fun edit. Thanks for sharing.


Using ART 1.5.4

Spaniel.ARW.arp (24.3 KB)

Nice shot!

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Wow, some really nice versions! I’m always impressed how others can come up with a look I hadn’t thought of, being able to see how each was created good to be able to learn from.