Spider and babies

I don’t know if there are mama spiders, but the scene certainly looked that way. A big spider and lot of babies. Since it was on white roof of the room, in a odd corner where spiders usually reside, I could not do much.

Image in general is too bright and white since spider was on the roof. I noticed that spider legs have brush like structures if you reduce the exposure.

Is there a way to enhance the spider on white background. Tried reducing exposure but loosing the color of the spider.

IMG_2509.CR2 (23.1 MB)

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spiders.and.babies.pp3 (19.8 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development. This jpg is, intentionally, not resized to be able to see details at full size.

As you can see it is possible to get some colour, separation and details. Look at the “brushes” on the legs for instance.

You do run into a few things with this one:

  • It is roughly 2/3 of a stop underexposed. Correcting this will add to the noise level.
  • Although 800 ISO doesn’t seem all that much it is a rather noisy image. This will make preserving/recovering details harder.
  • The depth of field isn’t all that deep. Sharpening using the editor might be somewhat problematic due to the noise levels.

The biggest problem I ran into was finding a good balance between noise reduction and (localized) details/sharpness (RT’s wavelet levels and local adjustments to the rescue!).

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I advise you to urgently disinsect not only your room, but also your whole house. Those spiders and the rest of insects that may be there, can cause you health problems with their bites.

As I don’t like spiders, I’ll switch to neon with g’mic. That way it is less intimidating.



This is a myth. There are only a couple of species of spiders that bite. In general spiders are good - they keep insect populations in check.


Spiders are important part of the echo system. I always have spiders inside the house mostly because of open windows and doors. They invite themselves in.

When I notice/have time, I’ll escort them outside. Other criteria is when the webs they spin is beyond the threshold. However I’ll not harm them. They still will be escorted out in the yard where they belong.

I don’t recall spider ever biting me. As for the health problems, almost every item that is sold has a health warning.


@patdavid must see this.


@afre no, not yet. Still too noisy.

Looks like a cellar spider to me. They eat other spiders and leaving their corpses littered around the place. It can be a sorry sight…

I’m not an expert, but all other tiny spiders were alive and moving around and it looked like big one was not interested in tiny spiders at least it was not considering them as a prey

spiders.and.babies.cr2.xmp (11.6 KB) darktable 3.7 (latest development)

Also did one using darktable bacuase I was curious what you could do about sharpening and denoise using the defuse and sharpen module that is available in the development version. Normal denoise (default settings as found by dt) was used to lay a base, mainly for the chroma noise. 2 separate defuse and sharpen instances; One for sharpening and one for denoise. Will take a while before I have this very powerful module fully figured out, but it is a nice addition to the already available tools.

I got to admit that this defuse and sharpen module is a bit of a Swiss army knife: There are many things you can do with it.


I think those are it’s children so it wouldn’t be interested, but I am not an expert either…

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IMG_2509.CR2.xmp (9.2 KB)


Cool photo!

A couple of years ago, I took a photo of what we locally call a Dock Spider. It was a large one, even for those, maybe 9cm from tip of leg to tip of leg, with what looks to be nearly 100 babies near it.