Split toning in ART

ART 1.16.4 on debian 11

I don’t understand how to do “split toning” with ART.

Let’s say the standard (and ugly) orange/teal type.

I looked at color/tone correction and I don’t see how to apply the orange to the highlights and the teal to the shadows?

The rawpedia mentions the “saturation 2 colours” method, but I don’t see it in ART.

Any suggestion on how to do it?


Here’s a couple of ways:


Thank you for the video, it helps

Another solution is to use HALDCluts, there are a bunch of free ones which do the orange and teal look, and more.

Well !!!
Thanks for that Alberto. I have used ART since the beginning and didn’t know it could do that.

I used the orange/teal as an example because it’s what many people are using in color for split toning.