Spot removal tool associated with film negative tool : Bug !

There is a bug between these two tools …

  1. I use film negative tool to reverse my scanned film
  2. I need to remove the spot on the left then the result

It seems spot removal tool is working without taking into consideration the film negative tool.
Furthermore, if you use the spot removal tool before the film negative one then the result remains the same.

Could you help please?

NB : It seems this issue does not happen with rawtherapee


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Thanks for reporting – I’ll look into it

In addition same problem with Color / Tone Correction… when you slide to red you have blue correction. I guess most of the tools are not taking care of the film reversing impact and work on the original version.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean here, sorry. Can you give more details?

I read it as saying that when the film negative tool is in use, the color/tone correction is behaving as if it is earlier in the pipeline than the inversion.

So if (for example) you add a red tint it comes out blue due to being inverted…

I don’t use ART regularly (although it’s great) so I can’t add any input myself. :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks for stating the obvious :slight_smile:
What I meant instead is that I don’t understand what “add a red tint” means exactly, because there’s multiple ways of doing this, and all those I tried produced the expected results, so it probably must be something else. Hence the request for more details (ideally, enough instructions to reproduce this, along with a sample input file and arp profile, would be great and would increase the chances of this getting fixed quite a lot).
I hope it’s clearer now…

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:face_with_peeking_eye: sorry! I’m good at doing that :joy:

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Understood. I will work on it this weekend and give you more details.

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Hi. So yes as there are so many ways, I was unable to reproduce the conditions that produced this result! :thinking:On the other hand, only the white balance tool is impacted with a reversal of the cursors… and the sampling pipette which gives a surprising result. I assume that this is normal and that you should not use this tool when working on a negative.
Here the native with the camera white balance
Here if you slide to yellow to warm a little up.
And the pipette tool gives (ref point on the white part of the coat) :

Here we are !
Thanks for the support and and all my congratulations for this software which is so intuitive and efficient.

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Yes the wb behaviour is expected, that’s why you have WB controls in the film negative tool itself. Anything else should work normally instead.
Btw the spot removal problem has been fixed in master, thanks for reporting!