Spot removal tool missing?

When I use the RawPedia, I see an article with explanation about how to use the spot removal tool. But when I open my own RawTherapee, updated to version 5.8, I can’t find the tool.
Is there something I need to do before I can use the tool? Or am I just dumb and blind…
Or is there another method to remove unwanted objects in my pictures?

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The spot removal tool isn’t present in version 5.8 (the official stable one that is). You need the developers version.

You don’t mention your OS, so have a look here to get a link that fits your OS:

Oh, btw: Welcome to Pixls!

Okay well thanks, now I found the spot removal tool. But when I follow the steps, it won’t remove my spots.
I get the circle, can adjust it and also the replacement circle. But once I click with my right mouse, whether inside or outside the circles, nothing moves. Still a big spot left. What am I doing wrong?

Here are 2 examples:

As you can see grabbing the circle to in/decrease it isn’t that easy at times, but it doesn’t matter if you grab the target or the source.

Hopefully the mouse/key actions are clear enough to decipher. Basically left mouse click with or without the ctrl button and dragging while holding the mouse button down.

So, ctrl+left-mouse click to set initial point (what needs to be removed/changed) drag (second) circle while holding down left mouse bottom to spot where to take source from. Adjust size of inner/outer circle if need be.

To remove a spot: right mouse click inside the circle of the spot to be removed.


i have the same issue as Fenna de Graaff. all goes well until i right click on the spot i wish to remove, then the tool disappears but the spot remains. running the windows 7 latest dev version (5.8-3095) and attempting to edit a .ARW file. Fenna de Graaff, did you resolve this issue??

Hi Robert, welcome to Pixls,

Not sure where it is you click inside the circle, but you do need to be inside the inner one. It does not matter if you choose the source or target circle, both work.

Here’s an example that does the following:

  • ctrl + left mouse click to set target spot (+ resize),
  • move 2nd circle to source area (+ adjust feather + move to better align),
  • right mouse click elsewhere in the image to deselect the tool,
  • select tool again so that the spot(s) show up,
  • right mouse click in between the 2 circles (tools deselects, nothing is removed),
  • select tool again so that the spot(s) show up,
  • right mouse click inside the inner circle and now the spot is removed.

BTW: RawPedia states that you can click on any part of the spot to remove it, that’s not correct as shown above. @heckflosse: Do you have access rights to RawPedia to fix this (Do not want to bother Thanatomanic /Roel with this him being busy wit RL things).

thank you for your prompt response, a nice tool, it took me a little while to get used to it…

Argh, can’t get the hang of it!
I can get the circle, but when I move the source area nothing happens. Like in the videos, you’ll see immediate difference in the target spot, I see nothing happening.
Tried different clicks and thingies but nothing works for me. Windows 10 home is used.

You need to activate the on/off thingy… :slight_smile:


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OMG You are amazing, how stupid!
Now I get why nothing is working the same when my father explains it to me.
You litteraly saved my day :slight_smile: Thanks so much

(goes to the corner of shame)

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You made my day! :joy: