Spring may not be here

I may have been a little hasty in claiming that Spring was here, temperatures dropped to -15C in parts of Scotland last night. We are predicted to have 30-40 cm of snow over the next few days.

I did manage to get down to Loch Tay, the road may or may not be passable by the weekend. Help yourselves to this one

_CTW0005.NEF (50.3 MB)
_CTW0005.NEF.xmp (11.7 KB)

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Beautiful! My interpretation with dt 4.2.1

_CTW0005.NEF.xmp (7.6 KB)


Looks like a nice place !

_CTW0005.NEF.xmp (12.0 KB)


My version…

_CTW0005.NEF.xmp (17.5 KB)


Beautiful image!

In rawproc, threw it the works: rcd demosaic, lens correction, HSL saturation, slightly tweaked filmic curve. The reflection line across the water begged rotation to make it the horizon:

It is, one of my favourites. From here you can get to Ben Lawers (the snow-capped mountain at the back), Glen Lyon (the “longest, loneliest and loveliest glen in Scotland”, according to Sir Walter Scott), Killin, and the Bridge of Balgie amongst other places.

I like this, you have got the snow on Ben Lawers better than I did.

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I really like this edit :slight_smile:
Had a similar crop in mind when I saw the original.

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It’s a good excuse to have a good wisky without ice :wink:

I opted for a panoramic version of this picture.

DT 4.3 & Sigmoid
_CTW0005.NEF.xmp (21.6 KB)
Greetings from Brussels.


_CTW0005.NEF.xmp (11.7 KB)

My version with DT 4.2.1


_CTW0005.NEF.xmp (16.5 KB)

My version with DT 4.3 dev

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Another of your beautiful images.
Spring is definitely not here. Where I am in North Wales it is snowing and has been for 24 Hours.
A good opportunity to play - in GIMP as always - Just local adjustments to contrast and brightness.

A beautiful scene!
I tried to warm the shadows using RGB curves

_CTW0005_RT-2.jpg.out.pp3 (16.5 KB)


My fun with GIMP

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Here’s my take on it. ART 1.18.1, Affinity Photo 2.1 beta

_CTW0005.NEF.arp (13.6 KB)


  • Used Tone Equalizer to bring up the shadows just a tad
  • Fairly gentle RL Deconvolution sharpening
  • Warmed up the WB just a little bit
  • Brought up chromaticity with L*a*b* Adjustments
  • Added slight local contrast of mostly finer details
  • Re-blued (de-cyaned) the sky after WB tweak and very slightly dropped the shadow / midtones in the sky (and reflected sky) only
  • Added a touch more saturation and contrast to the midground hill’s brown trees
  • Added a very subtle dark gradient to the bottom to tone down the reflections off the ice
  • Cropped to 16:9, straightened, etc.

In Affinity Photo

  • Painted in a little more exposure on the back (shadow) sides of the midground rocks and the background trees
  • High-pass sharpened the foreground only by using a gradient mask for the bottom ~1/3 of the image.
  • Inpainted-out a couple of color artifacts around the rocks and sticks in the lower left corner

Very nice image! I’ve never seen any water (almost including that coming out of the tap LOL!) in my area that approaches that clarity. Wow…


DT 4.0.0

_CTW0005.NEF.xmp (9.3 KB)

DT 4.2.

_CTW0005_02.NEF.xmp (17.0 KB)


Another version…

_CTW0005_01.NEF.xmp (24.1 KB)


Wow, feels like old school post card on acid :smiley:


I love it in someway. When playing with this image today in the afternoon I almost got there after too much playing with it :slight_smile:

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