Spritz and Cichetti

The Italian language wikipedia indicates that it’s from Padova and that they only put the legal HQ of the company in Milan for commercial reasons, while leaving production in Padova.

I find it too bitter for my taste, and normally have my spritz all’aperol. Of course, not we don’t have any spritz’ here in Venice, as the bars are all closed and we’re staying at home playing with darktable.

Yes, it’s way more bitter than Aperol, even more so than Campari.

I have no idea, sorry, but on top of my head I don’t recall any wheat-based ingredient…

I guess I’ll try to make Campari spritz when I finish my Aperol bottle (and I guess it’ll be empty before the end of confinement here) and see if I like it bitter, then one day maybe I’ll try get a hold on a bottle of Cynar.