Spritz and Cichetti

As an appraisal to the work of our friend Alberto @agriggio, here’s a modest capture from my last visit to Venezia. More precisely, this photograph was shot in Murano, and depicts two of the most delicious things on earth: Spritz, and cichetti (raw file released under CC BY-NC license).
Hope you’re doing fine Alberto, as well as your friends and relatives.

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Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

I could really eat those. They do look delicious.

ART 1.2

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Cheers Alberto


My try.

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A proper spritz must be orange :stuck_out_tongue:

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ART 1.2. Area masks to make the background darker and smoother.

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And cheers to @agriggio !


Thanks @sguyader (and others). We are in the middle of the storm (especially my parents and relatives, here it’s a bit less critical for the moment), but so far all my friends and family are fine. Still, Italy has outnumbered even China in terms of deaths since yesterday, and although the rate of infections is slowing down a bit (source: https://www.scienzainrete.it), we are still in a very critical situation. Let’s hope for the best (and everybody please take this seriously).


I do take this seriously. The south of France isn’t that far from the north of Italy. When I go out for shopping the gendarmes on the roads stop me and ask for a signed document stating where I go and why. The first day, 3 days ago, this was a bit funny. Now it’s not fun anymore. Local contamination rate is up, high. +40% over the last Two Days in my Region, Death rate > +100% in the same Two days. Let’s see Where this ends.
I’m certainly not paranoia, but we have a Little problem here. That districts me from Writing articles about Fine
photo software for example, I think I’m just a bit nervous.
About those Unwanted Capitals, that’s my phone making fun ! :cat:

Unless it’s a Campari Spritz, which is red I think.

and cynar (my favourite) is brownish :slight_smile:

The original is with Aperol :wink:

Nice picture! Well done.

I used two 3D LUTs. One is the free lut named “LC3” from ON1. The other is named “Fuji Superia 1600 1 -.png” from RTs library of LUTs. I don’t include them because I’m not sure if I have the right to distribute them.

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Oh I don’t know cynar! What region is it from?

@sguyader I think it comes from Milan, but it’s very popular in Venice and Padua for spritz… it’s even on wikipedia, whatever that means :stuck_out_tongue:


My attempt -

Spritz and Cichetti.RAF.xmp (10.0 KB)

Very interesting, does it taste very different from aperol? What I love in aperol is the orange aromas, are they there also in cynar?
Of course I went straight to wikipedia when you mentioned cynar the first time, but they don’t say where it is from exactly.

I don’t consume alcoholic beverages. Is “spritz” gluten-free?