SpyderCheckr possible ?

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I own a SpyderCheckr 24 chart and its software.
Unfortunately, I can not use it because it gives
formats for Adobe Focus and raw camara.
(Template, xml, xmp)
Is there any possibilities to use it with with RT?


Mathematically right values in decomposing to LAB ?
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Hey @luxapy

To create a DCP profile you need:

  • a .cie reference file which describes the reflectance spectra or at least contains pre-calculated XYZ values for your chart. You can make one yourself if you own an (expensive) spectrometer, or you can download one.
  • a .cht file which describes the layout of the color target.

Both of these are available for the SpyderCheckr24 from Argyll.

My program of choice for creating DCPs from these files is DCamProf.

The resulting DCP can be used with RawTherapee.

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And some useful links:

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Thanks a lot… I’ll try soon.