St Giles Cathedral, Stained Glass, Tricky Light

Feel free to upload your version.

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Good point. The problem is the photo. @Terry makes the point higher up about pre-visualising the shot. Whereas what happened was I took a shot of the flags, later the light flooded in, I thought, ‘ooh, pretty colours’, and went back and took it again. It’s only through editing and then seeing others’ efforts that I can fully see the problem. Having said that, I can see that people have made much better stabs at isolating a key element than I did.

Obviously, I took other shots but I found the wide dynamic range and dim interiors in the cathedral difficult and they all have problems. These are the ones I kept from that day.


Yes the three flags and window is much better. Less cluttered, less confusing. You could almost experiment with masks to make a low key photo making the window pop more with the surroundings and flags in shadow?
Could possibly do in DT but I would tend to work in GIMP for this one so you can use layers.

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Great shots of the cathedral, and nice candids, too!

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Continuing my fun in GIMP

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@Zbyma72age Ha. I can post the RAWs with Creative Commons licence if there’s any other interest…

We realize that this (1) isn’t a critique forum and the user did not explicitly request a critique (and while @TonyBarrett seems receptive, not everyone who posts a play raw will be) and we do have a critique section (2) your edit can improve the image and implicitly have a critique built in without having to state it, but you haven’t provided and edit (3) the play raw is about enhancing what we’ve captured and sharing those results with others to foster learning and sense of community.


Beautiful light in this cathedral, so i emphasized on that and especially on the reflection on the wall. I used two instances of color calibration one for the entire image and an additional one to get rid of the blue cast in the windows. :slight_smile:

20230316_0083.RW2.xmp (81.2 KB)


I have found that the incredible masking options of DT combined with extra instances of modules (especially the exposure module) has removed most of the need of taking the image into GIMP to use layers. DT really facilitates localised adjustments whereas some programs that work the raw files are more focused on global corrections and then you need to run into GIMP to use layers and masks.

@TonyBarrett I like the shots with the people in it. I appreciate that it is not always possible with a candid shot to move the camera angle, but with the girl looking up I would love to have seen the point of interest included which I presume was a stain glass window. I also like the two girls conversing. That is a nice shot and would be fun to edit. Again I wonder what they were talking about. Would a horizontal shot have included what they were talking about. I would definitely crop out the window behind them as it competes for the viewer’s attention. The candles give context and the lighting on the girls is great.

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Nice shot. Thanks for posting.

20230316_0083_15.RW2.xmp (37.6 KB)