Stacking ASIAir calibration files in SIRIL

Hi there, very new to astro but have just started using a dedicated ASI183MC colour camera with my ASIAir. I can stack the lights no problem in SIRIL with excellent results but when I use the script to process with calibration frames (flats, darks and biases) the script fails because it says the images are different sizes. A quick look at the fit files suggest this is because the lights are recognised as 3 channels but the calibration files as only one. I know they have been captured as colour images but the program does not seem to deBayer them. Is their a meeting that can address this?

There are two possible issues there.

  1. You have indeed color images, so already debayred, and in this case you can’t do nothing, it is too late. At least for a correct preprocessing.
  2. With the ASIAIR,j if you take some images, like flats for example, not in the same way you did with lights and darks, it is possible that the files have not the same size. Indeed, for an unknown reason (to me) the ASIAIR changes the file size. So you MUST record all your images in the same way.

Hi, have checked the file dimensions and they are all the same for group and there are no extraneous files in the folders. When I check the individual files with SIRIL the only difference is that it identifies the lights as 3 channel and the calibration shots as single channel. I assume I am missing something simple somewhere in the process.

Share a file if you want but I’m afraid your images are already demosaiced.

Thanks for having a look at the problem, I think I have found the issue, definitely user error. Found a fit file hidden amongst the lights that did not belong. Thanks again

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