Stacking Images by a novice

Hello all. I am trying to learn image stacking in preparation for the arrival of my astrophotography hardware (EQ6R + Meade 6000 115mm). I took 30 images of the moon (untracked) and have been trying to figure out how to stack them. I was hoping the software would lay the moon images on top of one another. As you can see it is not. Is there an alignment step I’m missing? Thank you for any help!

Sure. Il the alignment tab.
Make a selection big enough to contain the move of the moon on all images.
Then choose planetary algorithm.
Align and stack

Great! Sorry to ask you this…I’ve looked all over. On the Mac version where is the alignment tab?

Registration tab. On the main tabs.

Got it!! Merci!

Hello, i found this discussion so i add it. I have a ser file of the moon, 3000 frames, (btw, the file had endianess problem, toupcam camera grabbing with indilib), but using the planetary registration the stacked image is always blurred due to misalignment, while the enhanced correlation algorithm takes only one image. Siril 0.99.7

What do you mean it takes only one image? Do either registrations succeed?

The planetary registration suceeds, with the analisys of the quality of the images and so on, but ends up with a blurred stacked image, but the ECC looks to fail. Identifies the best image but don’t align the images.

Can you send us the log from the console tab of the registration operation? Or share your SER file?