Stacking Multiple Binning Size Images Together

I’m getting into using filters and I’ve been reading the Siril user manual and I have not found this topic. I see imaging guides stating Luminance 17x5 unbinned, RGB 10x5 Binned 2x2. If I take images at different binning and then stack them will Siril rescale the images so they stack? Any guidance is appreciated, even just pointing me to the info in the help file.

Hello, the RGB composition tool can take those images unmodified. There is a lot of explanations on the management of monochrome images here: Siril - RGB composition

I think it can be done as follows:

  1. Register and stack the L-channel without drizzle option
  2. Register and stack each of the RGB channels with drizzle option. (To enlarge images twice)
  3. Register all the stacked results using the registry tools. (This will allow you to register results not only by the shift method)
  4. Compose LRGB