Stacking several nights, help

Hi All,
I’m new in Siril and trying to get practice on this software.
I have a serie of Lights tooked in different nights of the same DSO (with EOS R not modified) and alredy callibrated and I would like to understand what I need to do for stack them without have to pass for all the pre-process and callibration. What I need to check. All the Lights are in .fit
Also how I set the reference frame for this?
Can I use the DSLR_Preprocessing_NoFlat_NoDark_NoBias scrit for this?
Tks for your attention

No. This script works with DSLR raw images. So it won’t work. Either you use Siril in manual mode (not that difficult) or you use Sirilic. Another software that can create scripts.

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Tks for your soon reply.
Any suggestion on how I can stack then the callibrated Lights or a link where to read? All the process I read online and the few videos do not clear show how to process in this way.

Once you have your calibrated images for each session, you can create a sequence that contains all sessions by naming them in a way that they appear to belong to the same sequence. In other words, if each session has images called to, you may rename (or use symbolic links to not duplicate them on the disk) the second to to and so on.

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Hi Vivin, tks for the suggestion…I just figure out other ‘way’. From each night I selected the calibrates Lights .fit and put all together. You can either select each folder ‘night’ and called it by (+) or select them from the folder and trash it in the main window None of them has a risk of be renamed because each one has the original nomenclature progression given by the camera and maintained during the process of calibration (in my particular case). After put all the .fits in the main window, I debayered. Then I clear all in the main window and select those files with db_ that now has their own progresion number given by Siril, then I registered under the parameters I want and finally stacked them.
Keep in mind that if you want to select a ‘reference image’, you need check in the output log the original named image and its new renamed Siril number and write it in the proper window.
If you do the calibration process of each night in Siril, then you need put something different in the prefix of each night exe pp_01 pp_02 pp_03 pp_March01 pp_March02 ppMarch03 etc